Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) Document Repository


This webpage is the document repository for the abuse reporting format specification. This format is used by ISPs to exchange information about spam and other abusive email messages. See Wikipedia for a general description. Also see WordToTheWise and AOL's postmaster page for a description.

ARF grew out of efforts in the ASRG's abuse-rep subgroup in early 2005. It was developed outside a formal standards body by several ASRG members in conjunction with multiple ISPs that were part of the Anti-Spam Technical Alliance (ASTA) which eventually became MAAWG. It was adapted by multiple large ISPs including AOL, Yahoo, etc. The format was eventually brough into the IETF standards process in early 2010.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This was published in August 2010 as Proposed Standard by the IETF in RFC 5965. As of August 2010, I will not longer be updating this page. Plese contact the IETF for the most up to date information on this standard.


Here you will copies of the current and all prior versions of this specification in various formats. For additional information about this specification and mailing list information, please see the ARF page at MIPA and the official IETF Working Group Charter and IETF Tools page.

Please visit ARF Resources Page at Word to the Wise for development resources.

NOTE:The IETF chartered a working group for standardization of this format (MARF). This working group (MARF) is the place for all discussion and comments regarding this format. This repository is retained for historical purposes.


Because ARF was developed outside a formal standards body, several mailing lists were used during the process including several that were private. There are four main public lists that were used: ASRG, ASRG's abuse-rep subgroup, ARF list at MIPA, and the current IETF MARF list. Of these the MIPA list, and the current MARF list are the most informative.

If you want to join discussion about ARF, please use the IETF MARF list. This is the list that is being used for most ARF discussions since early 2010.


Current Version: RFC 5965
Current ARF Version: 1
Last Published Date: August 2010

You can also find historical drafts and diffs at the IETF tools page (does not include unpublished versions shown below):

RFC 5965 (2010)
draft-ietf-marf-base (2010)
draft-feedback-report (2005-2010)

DOCUMENT REPOSITORY (bold indicates current version)

Name Date Downloads Diffs Notes
RFC 5965 August 31st, 2010 text / html text
Published Version
draft-ietf-marf-base-06 May 21st, 2010 text text
Version approved by IESG
draft-ietf-marf-base-05 May 18th, 2010 text text
draft-ietf-marf-base-04 April 30th, 2010 text text
IETF Last Call
draft-ietf-marf-base-03 April 21st, 2010 text text
WG Last Call version
draft-ietf-marf-base-02 April 6th, 2010 text text
draft-ietf-marf-base-01 February 23rd, 2010 text text
draft-ietf-marf-base-00 January 26th, 2010 text text
First IETF WG version
feedback-report-08 October 19th, 2009 text text
Last non-IETF version
feedback-report-07 April 17th, 2009 text text
feedback-report-06 January 4th, 2009 text text
feedback-report-05 June 16th, 2008 text text
feedback-report-04 March 12th, 2008 text
feedback-report-03 June 6th, 2007 text text
feedback-report-02 May 28th, 2007 text text
feedback-report-01 May 13th, 2005 html / text
nroff / xml
feedback-report-01-pre1 May 6th, 2005 html / text
nroff / xml
"Version: 0.1"
feedback-report-00 April 14th, 2005 html / txt
nroff / xml
abuse-report-00 March 29th, 2005 html / txt
nroff / xml
N/A Never published

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