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Nabu Press is BiblioBazaar / BiblioLabs

FYI: You can contact Nabu Press here and here

For the past year or so, I have noticed a lot of new public domain books appearing in Amazon under Nabu Press. They seem to have no website and their books do not have any contact information. Yet, they keep pumping out public domain reprints to a tune of over 600,000 titles so far.

I took some time to check various state corporation databases and actually managed to find who Nabu Press is. They are ... BiblioBazaar / BiblioLife, a company started by former BookSurge partners after they sold their POD company to Amazon. It is no surprise that they print their POD books through Amazon.

How do I know this - take a look at the SC filing for Nabu Press LLC. The registered agent is for Nabu is:


A search of the same site, reveals that only two other corporations have the same registered agent - BIBLIOBAZAAR II, LLC and BIBLIOLABS, LLC. BiblioLabs is part of BiblioBazaar as stated on their website.

So the final word is that Nabu Press is actually part of BiblioBazaar. HOWEVER, why did they NOT mention this on their website, and especially in the list of their imprints here? Could it be for legal reasons?

You can see all of Nabu Press titles on Amazon here, and all of BiblioLife titles right here.

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